Parental child abductions are becoming a serious human rights violation in Japan

Bolan Times ( GENEVA ) : Bolan Times correspondent in Geneva Switzerland exclusively interviewed a well-known Japanese human rights activist Mr. Shunichi Fujiki who visited ongoing 38th United Nations Human Rights Council on 25th of June.

In this interview, Mr. Fujiki pointed out some faulty regal system of Japan which has been exploited by malevolent Japanese lawyers as well as foreign lawyers in Japan who exploits the loophole of the current Japanese law.

Mr. Fujiki said, when marital status fails for some reason, the couple often competes for parental custody of the children at family court, because in Japanese law, joint custody is not allowed after divorce. Often parent become unable to see his or her children for years.

This happens because, sometimes one of the couple file a false “Domestic Violence Report” to secure “parental custody,” request the city official to conceal his or her residential information.

Once he or she is labeled as “dangerous parent” through false accusations, there is no way for him or her to locate their children.

In some case, by luck, if one of the couple found his or her child and attempt to talk to their child, they can be arrested and sentenced to at least six months in jail.

He continued “Such a lifelong separation from a parent is not healthy for the children and many of these abducted children suffer from mental illness as a result of the abduction and forced separation. “

“Japanese Government needs to adopt a measure to acknowledge joint custody so that the damage to the abandoned parent and the abducted children will be minimized. “

Further he mentioned about Hague Convention which Japan signed in April 2014 but hasn’t implemented. This caused child abduction internationally due to the same reason as domestic child abduction which is caused by single parental custody system.

He is requesting the Japanese Government to implement it immediately so that separation of a parent and children does not occur between the two nations.

At his intervention, he informed United Nations that Parental Child abductions are becoming a serious Human Rights Violation in Japan.

In his intervention he said that “The abducted child is at the mercy of the abducting parent, the child can no longer go home and forced to sever the relationship with the abandoned parent. Japanese courts tend to grant “Parental Custody” to the parent, who keeps the child, even if the parent forcefully removed the child away from the other parent.”

Talking about the reason he mentioned “this occurs because, under the current system, once a spouse claims to be a victim of domestic violence, even though false, the new address won’t be released to the other spouse. Further, this system is abused by many divorce lawyers for their own monetary benefit, and they instigate parents to whisk away their children to a new town, and usually falsely claim domestic violence.”

He further added that “These lawyers promote divorce at all cost without any consideration of the detrimental effects on the abducted children. The children have a basic right to be loved by both parents and live with them in a loving environment.”

“However, in Japan, many children are deprived of this basic right because of the current system and crooked lawyers.“

Mr. Shunichi Fujiki, Representative of International Career Support Association, appealed United Nations and ended that “We sincerely ask the Council to help those children who are suffering from the severed relationship with their parents.

Some of the victims in the United States are holding rallies to get their children back to them after they divorced with Japanese wives and U.S. Congress has been holding hearings from the victims whose children have been abducted by one of the parents.

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